Sharing & SEO Checklist

When creating a website for a client it's always difficult to remember all the items you're going to need. You need images for sharing on social networks, favicons for adding to home screen on iOS devices and browsers, and you need text to describe all sorts of things. Some of these need to be done before you start, some need to be done as you build your pages.

Here is my checklist:

Before you start

The Favicon is an old standard on the web and is still used by both browsers and some mobile devices. Older browsers use 16x16px images for this newer browsers use 32x32px. I suspect this will soon be 64x64px on retina desktop displays. But for now I'm sticking with 32x32 and letting older bwosers scale the image down.

For iOS devices you can further describe larger icons for people who may want to add your website to their home screen. or to show on the recently viewed pages.

Setting the Overall Site and Layout

Important if you want your site to show up on Google or any other search engine.
For most site's you're going to want to make sure your site renders at native width and not a scaled down version:

Every site needs their generic meta tags. Title, Description, Charset, Content Type, Short Url.

For Google+ and, 3 items items should be added to your layout to describe each page:

Facebook uses "Open Graph" to read information about your site's pages. It has best practices and you can calidate your settings here:

Twitter uses it's own standard for reading data about your site with it's own settings. Validate it here:

The Home Page

Fairly standard, but you should indicate all updates to your site on the homepage. This geneerally means a listing of your blog posts with a short description under each.
When creating a site, the depth of your pages is important, both for usability and for search engines, he more clicks the engine/user has to go through the harder it is to get to and the less likly it'll show up on google.

Static Pages

Even you static pages should show when they were last updated. This should be a reminder to the website owner to update them often and to keep them fresh on search engines. The longer the time since content change the less likly it is to show.

Your Blog/News Pages

The web has become increasingly visual over the last few years and it's important to have a representative image for your pages, especially ones you hope will be shared on the internet. The largest one asked for by social sites right now is: 1200 x 630 so your share images should be at least this big.
Lastly, less important for SEO, but good for the writers of the anything on your site is to show author info.

Am I Missing Something?

Am I missing something from this list? Email me:

Where's the keywords?

At my day job clients constantly ask for keywordsa to be added to their meta tags, this is either some old knowledge they have or something they were told to do from an "SEO expert", this is now, and had been for a few years outdated. See


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